Witchcraft For Beginners: 5 Things Need To Know To Get Started


No one tells you how to be a witch. There’s no statement of belief, no 10 commandments of witchcraft, no First Church of Mother Earth and no Temple Beth Herne.

The beauty, and challenge, of witchcraft is that no one tells you what to do.

The closest thing to a commandment is the Threefold Law– whatever you do will come back to you threefold (think about THAT the next time you steal a parking space!).

Still, there are some things that you should know before you start on this path.


Let me tell you a secret- witches love movies and TV shows about witches as much as anyone.

Movies like The Craft and TV shows like Buffy the The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina are really fun to watch.

But the witchcraft and the spells they show have nothing to do with the real thing. For instance, you will never be able to teleport somewhere else, even if you can flick your want like Harry Potter.

Real witchcraft is nothing like the dramatic scenes in popular culture, and spells, just like anything else, have consequences.

Witchcraft Myths


At its heart, witchcraft is nothing more than focused intent. You shape your desire and your will makes it manifest.

Sounds simple, right? Well, it is and it isn’t. To truly have focused intent, you need to understand yourself and your desire. You need to meditate.

Witches have altars. Altars are a sacred space, where spells are cast, prayers are made and rituals are performed. They’re also a place for reflection and meditation.

Take time to really examine your heart and your spirit and what you wish to accomplish. You can (and should!) use you altar to connect with the universe, but you should also connect with your own spirit.

Once you know yourself more intimately, you will find it easier to focus your intent.

Know Yourself In Witchcraft


There are all kinds of witches out there, Green Witches, Solitary Witches, Eclectic Witches and more.

Once you start on this path, you will meet all kinds of witches with all kinds of philosophies. Each one will have something to teach you, even if her point of view is very different from yours.

Truth is where you find it.

Open your heart and let wisdom in from all around you.

Open Minded Witches


A Book of Shadows is a book containing spells, rituals, and other secrets.

Think of it a little like a journal of your experience with magic.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate, a simple notebook will do, but since it is important, make sure that you treat it as sacred.

You can decorate it if you like with drawings and pictures and items that are important to you, as related to witchcraft and magic.

How To Make A Book Of Shadows


By learning witchcraft, you are at the start of a wonderful adventure.

You aren’t given a map or a recipe to follow. Only you can decide what shape your witchcraft will take.

So take chances, learn and try new rituals and spells, and spend time in quiet meditation.

Your spirit will guide you to the places where you should go. There is nowhere in the universe that is without magic.

Once you start working with witchcraft, you will begin to see it all around you.

Witchcraft Path

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