Witchcraft 101: What is a Hedge Witch?

You are not likely to find a hedge witch that follows strict beliefs nor participates in large covens. Hedge witches usually practice on their own – with the spiritual knowledge that was passed to them by their ancestors or through their personal experience. 

What is a Hedge Witch? 

A hedge witch practices both spiritual and medicinal magick with the help of nature. They know the medicinal properties of each plant in the forest and she collects them for future use. This type of witch is inclined to the practice of herbalism and uses it for healing. 

Historically,  the term ‘hedge witch’ comes from the word ‘hedge’ which refers to the separated villages of the forest in the days of old. Hedge witches alternately takes place of the doctor’s absence, the person sought by the local community to aid their ailments, rashes, and oral problems. They are plant magicians and nature allies who closely study nature’s patterns. 

On the other hand, the term ‘hedge witch’ comes from the word ‘hedge’ which refers to the separated villages of the forest. 

How to know if you are a Hedge Witch 

It is hard to spot a hedge witch because they don’t participate in large covens and prefer practicing on their own. Below are some behavioral examples that can be displayed by a hedge witch. 

Some of the behaviors that might signify that you’re a hedge witch are among the following:

  • You love drinking herbal tea. 
  • Hiking in the woods is one of your favorite hobbies.
  • You keep jars of herbs in your cupboard.
  • You are socially conservative
  • You decorate your home with driftwood, stone, and dried flowers.
  • You have a strong reverence for nature.
  • You have the instinct to heal others – spiritually and/or physically. 
  • You are interested in the principles of shamanism. 
  • You often dream of living in the forest one day

 Witchcraft 101: What is a Hedge Witch?

Hedge Witch vs. Green Witch

The close association between the hedge witch and the green witch is often misunderstood. Both are allies of nature, so why can’t a hedge witch be a green witch, or a green witch be a hedge witch? 

A green witch is a close ally of nature and has a deep relationship with both plants and animals. They feel a strong connection with the spirits within trees, rivers, and rocks. 

Although the hedge witch’s strong reverence for nature, the hedge witch primarily focuses on medicinal craft and the use of natural elements for healing and divination. 

Hedge witches are among the wisest types of witches and deals not just with physical ailments, but also with natural problems. Aside from being the ‘village doctor’, they know a whole lot about agriculture. They know what type of bugs to invite in their vegetable garden to feed off other pests. They know how to strategize and plan to make most out of the harvest. Most especially, hedge witches have a remedy to fix problems and issues that disturb the physical and spiritual bodies of beings.

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