What Tarot Card Represents You?

Tarot cards are helpful divination tools used to guide the path of the reader. It awakens the intuition and aid in decisionmaking. But did you know that tarot cards can also help you discover more about who you are deep within? 

Learn More About Yourself

Yes! Tarot cards can also be a tool to help you learn more about your personal identity, weaknesses, and strengths. It can also be a gateway for you to be enlightened of your true potential in this lifetime.

There are two methods that you can use to discover the tarot card that represents you. The first one is a simpler, more general method. The other one involves some basic math and a little bit of magick. 

Method 1:Identifying your Zodiac Card 

The first method to know the card that represents you is through your zodiac sign. Each tarot card is associated with various characteristics that closely resemble the signs. 

Aries: The Emperor – achievement, confidence, power

Taurus: The Hierophant – traditional, wisdom, practical

Gemini: The Lovers – attraction, beauty, nature

Cancer: The Chariot – experience, breakthrough, courage

Leo: Strength – inner strength, action, energy

Virgo: The Hermit – withdrawal, thinker, logic

Libra: Justice – fairness, balance, strength

Scorpio: Death – transformation, desire for change

Sagittarius: Temperance – harmony, moderation, negotiator

Capricorn: The Devil – influence, limitations, curiosity

Aquarius: The Star – optimism, spirituality, clarity 

Pisces: The Moon – emotional, secretive, illusion

Method 2: Calculating your Birth Card

Tarot birth cards reveal the deeper part of the self: your personality, weaknesses, strengths, potential, identity, and themes that you might come across within this lifetime. 

Birth cards can be identified with the numbers found on your birthdate. With some basic math and a little magick, you will discover the card that truly represents you. 

To know your birth card, simply add each number on your birthdate and use the sum to locate your card in the major arcana.For instance, if your birthday is August 5, 1964, add 8 + 5 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 4 = 33. Since the sum is greater than 22 (the total number of cards in the major arcana), reduce the number by adding the sum’s digits: 3 +  3 = 6 – The Lovers. What you get will be your birth card. 

What Tarot Card Represents You?

Interpret Your Cards

The cards don’t mean anything until you put your intuition to work. A few ways to interpret your birth card is by meditating with it, writing down what you feel about the symbols, and looking up the meanings of the cards. 

Some questions to ask to help you learn about yourself through the cards are the following:

  • What is this card trying to teach me?
  • What are the symbols that I am drawn to?
  • What are the things that I should focus on doing in this life?
  • How can I open the paths to the opportunities shown on the card?

Optionally, you can bring the card in your wallet or place it in an accessible area (such as your altar) to be familiar with the energy it radiates. 

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