What Is A Hedge Witch? (And 5 Reasons To Try Out Hedge Witchcraft)


Hedge witches are an important part of the witching community and one of the most common types of witches. Think of them like modern version of shamans, village healers, and wise women. They are known for traveling into other dimensions or speaking with spiritual entities to gain information that can benefit themselves and other people.

If you’re new to witchcraft and looking for some info, or trying to expand your knowledge, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

They are known to practice wortcunning and hedge jumping, as well as astral projection and shapeshifting. They have multiple practices within their worship and routines, including observing animals, analyzing shapes in clouds, and looking at symbols in dreams. 

Regarding shapeshifting, hedge witches practice starting in dreams, astral projection, meditation, and trance. Sometimes it will happen without knowing or unwillingly, but more often than not hedge witches induce shapeshifting by holding a symbol of the animal they are most connected to and focusing on that animal’s energy. This getting to know the animal’s mind, soul and body is the start of shapeshifting.

Hedge witches are often deeply solitary witches who are in touch with and hold a deep reverence for their environment and the natural world around them. You can find them spending lots of time outside, getting associated with their surroundings. They might have a garden where they can harvest healing herbs or fruits to gift to other people. 

That being said, here are five reasons that you should try out hedge witchcraft.


A common trait of hedge witches that was mentioned earlier is that they are solitary, or often described as being individualistic and independent. If you are someone who likes to be alone for long periods of time, especially in nature, this practice might be for you.

solitary witchcraft


Typically, hedge witches are very simple in the way they practice. Their
alters serve a purpose, and anything past a purpose is unnecessary.

Analyzing dreams, spending time in nature and meditating are all low level
energy practices that hedge witches typically consider necessary to
their practice.


Hedge witches typically have a deep connection with all things natural,
and are often found deep in solitude in the natural landscape surrounding

They use the natural world for connecting to animals’ souls and
bodies to shapeshift, connecting with spirits for astral projecting, and
finding and growing healing herbs.

If you find yourself in nature often,
reflecting on the many things She has to offer, as well as connecting with
the energies associated with nature, you might find the hedge witch
practice to be rewarding.

Green Witchcraft


Hedge witches are known for their love to give, and are often using their
garden herbs and connections with the spirits to help or assist others who
may need it.

They are known for their giving nature, and are associated
with healing properties. This means that if you are interested in helping
others, or are typically known for your giving qualities, hedge witchcraft
might be for you!

Healing Witchcraft


All spells and material work incorporate at least some of the four elements.
This can be a very simplistic way for one to get into witchcraft.

Spellwork revolving the elements is often simple to do around the space you desire, and materials are typically fairly available.

If you are looking for something that encourages usage of the elements, hedge witchcraft might be good for you!

Elemental Witchcraft

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