The Ostara Sabbat

March 20th

As the spring equinox, Ostara brings so many thoughts of new beginnings and feelings of hope and abundance. The long winter is beginning to give way to warmer and brighter days, and we celebrate the first day of spring with intentions of abundance, balance, new life and a renewed sense of life itself.

The first of the spring sabbats, Ostara falls on March 21st and is generally celebrated and prepared for from the 19th-21st. This is a time when the light and darkness have become perfectly balanced, and we celebrate this balance and emergence from winter with reverence for the process of growth, fertility and rebirth.

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After a long, dark winter of staying focused on the things within, Ostara offers us the opportunity to manifest abundance in our lives with intentions of growth and prosperity.


The natural world falls into a state of balance on Ostara. The day and night are of equal lengths as the scales tip toward a time of growth and renewal. Celebrate this balance!


The sabbats are built around cycles of nature, and Ostara marks the beginning of the cycle of growth and birth that happens every year. Allow yourself to move with this cycle. 


A seed grows when the light and warmth intensifies. This fertile time of year invites us to take part in new manifestations as we intensify the light and warmth in our own minds.

New Life

Of course, life seems to begin again during early spring as grass shoots and flowers emerge from a dormant seed below the earth. Use this energy all around you to start new projects and grow in your own way during Ostara.



Butterflies are a perfect symbol for Ostara, as they represent the ending of the darker months that is necessary for transformation. They emerge from their internal sleep and bloom into a beautiful and fearless creature.

Hares & Eggs

It has been said that the Goddess Ostara found a bird with its wings frozen into the snow and gave it the ability to run, since it was no longer able to fly. The hare responded with gifts of colored eggs during Ostara’s spring celebration.


Seeds contain within them the potential and promise of new life, and symbolize the fertility and rebirth of nature during the springtime. Plant some seeds as a way to celebrate Ostara!


Wildflowers are living symbols that the earth is renewing itself and that new life has returned. A symbol of hope and life, flowers of all kinds are the perfect way to decorate your altar and celebrate the return of the sun.



Represents the newly sprouting flora all around us during Ostara. Green is a sign of hope, new life, and the abundance of nature.


The soft and tender color that reminds us of the incredible colors of summer to come.


Is a symbol of the clean and fresh start that occurs every spring. It’s a color that represents starting over.


Honors the bright sun that has returned and is gaining in intensity every day.



Cycles are a common theme during Ostara, and the cycles of oak trees are one of the most enjoyable and easy to follow. Trees begin with flowers in spring, and each year, a new crop of acorns will mature from these flowers and disperse into new habitats to end their cycle. 


Bees are a fantastic symbol of fertility and germination. Each year, they begin their process of pollinating and helping to spread new life all around.

Hot Cross Buns

The arms of the cross on these buns are made of equal length and they represent the balance that happens during the equal days and night during the spring equinox


Color Eggs

Coloring eggs is an age-old tradition that often took place during the festivals of old. Color eggs to celebrate Ostara, and if you’re feeling traditional, try to use only natural food dyes!

Plant Seeds

Planting seeds is a great way to honor this vibrant season of the year. New life is springing up all around you, so join in by planting sunflower seeds in honor of the Goddess and the God.

Start Something New

New life is the theme that is all around us during Ostara. Take this opportunity to start something new and give it an extra kick by beginning your new project or passion during a new moon.

Walk In Nature

One of the best ways to honor the transition that takes place during the spring equinox is simply to go into nature and quietly observe the world around you. See how it’s beginning to unfold and awaken from its winter sleep.



Ostara is the perfect time to work with the energies of balance, as it’s the celebration of the equality of the day and night.


You can feel the growth and fertility of the world beginning to awaken. These energies can aid you in your spells and rituals centered around fertility and conception.

Growth & Renewal

If you’re in a place in your life that requires you to grow to meet new challenges, the spring equinox lends its power to your spells naturally. Work your magic and invoke the power of the sabbat to help growth abound.


The fertile dance of God and Goddess, masculine and feminine energies, and even the animals all around all create an atmosphere of desire to grow. Use this good and natural energy to bring about your own desires in your love and sex life.