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MARIA | Maria The Arcane

"The W Box is ridulously magickal. I truly appreciate & love the handmade objects from small witchy businesses! Everything smells so good & presneted in a gorgeous box. I can't wait to use the goodies in my spellwork! Looking forward to my next box!"

ROBYN | Black Cat Magick

"I absolutely love my W Box! It's nice to see hand-selected spiritual tools, for witches, that is all applicable to my own practice! Unlike some other boxes I have received, I know with certainty I will be using each item that I have received! Each item fits in perfectly with my own ritual work, and I look forward to the next box!"

TRISH | Rune & Relic

"I am stunned by the beauty of everything that came in my W box! Gorgeous handmade and magickal products for an amazing price. Everything included is full of such loving and peaceful energy. I already can’t wait for the next one to get here! Thank you!!!"

LEELO | Witch Of Babylon

"I am absolutely smitten by my W Box! I could tell every item was picked with care, and fit into my practice perfectly. All the items are so holistic that there's something for everyone, regardless of your path. I know I'll be using these items repeatedly & I can't wait for future boxes!"

STASI | Cupid Witch

"The W Box is so lovingly packaged, and absolutely full of unique and handmade items. Not only is it gorgeous but also practical-I'm sure to use every item during my rituals, spell work and everyday life. Looking forward to seeing what's to come!"