The Full Moon of Gemini is upon us. With that, we are looking at the full moon of duality. The Lovers card is associated with Geminis and it’s clear as to why. Although yes we see a male and a female, there is also the duality of all genders, cis, trans, or non-conforming, having both a traditionally “masculine” and “feminine” side. We as humans are multi-faceted in that way, I like to think, nothing is black or white, its just a spectrum of grey. 

So for this spread, we are going to look at the strengths, the obstacles/weakness, and the overall energy, we will be working with this Full Moon.

The King of Wands Reversed is going to show us our overall Strengths. Now this King, when reversed, can be kind of a dummy. Unlike his upright self, he is a bit of a bad leader. Now the strength that comes from this, isn’t exactly what we’d expect. Sure, we all have bad leaders, bad experiences, and make crazy mistakes, but that doesn’t mean we are stupid, or awful. He arrives at a time when you may be starting to doubt your competence, gifts, and abilities. Instead of weighing yourself down, the strength that comes from the Reversed King, is to believe in ourselves. Sure we’ve all made mistakes historically, but we are not those mistakes. Learn from them, and have some faith in yourself.

Our obstacles this month are shown with the Three of Swords. Now if you are familiar with tarot at all, your heart probably dropped as soon as you saw this. This is a card of shedding ties and breakups. However, even as an obstacle, sometimes pain is necessary for growth. This full moon, the last of the year, looking at the obstacle positively- we have to hurt sometimes to grow. Shed the dead weight.

Finally, the overall tone of this Gemini Full Moon is shown with the Nine of Wands. The Nine of Wands shows us energy congruent with life going steady now, despite previous hardships. There might still be one last challenge ahead of you which needs tackling, (which we see with our dualities above) so recover when you can, while you can if you need to. It’s time to enjoy things that you’ve worked for because you truly deserve them now. Things are okay, no matter how you wanna tackle them, you know what’s best for you. So don’t fight your intuition.

Happy Full Moon everyone!

**Tarot Deck- Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle