Types Of Crystals & Their Meanings

Types Of Crystals & Their Meanings

Crystals are unique tools that we can use as witches to focus and store energy, strengthen connections with the earth, and are incredibly useful in a whole host of unique ways.

And there are so many different types of crystals to choose from, each with unique properties and meanings. In this guide, we’ve listed our favorite crystal types for witchcraft, and gone into detail on each. Use this guide to empower yourself with as you draw your own conclusions about what each of these crystals means to you.

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Amethyst is a royal stone that can help you stay calm and in control in your day to day life. It’s soothing qualities will aid you in meditation, sleep, focus and in general, lift your vibration to help you see things clearly. 

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Water Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganCITRINE

Citrine is another calming crystal that helps you stay calm under pressure as you focus on your ambitions. Many use Citrine as a way to draw more wealth and abundance into their lives, since this beautiful crystal is associated with the Goddess Demeter.

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Earth Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganCLEAR QUARTZ

Clear Quartz is a fantastic crystal for anyone who needs a general purpose amplifier of energy. Many choose to use this stone in meditation, as it provides clarity of mind and body and removes negative thoughts and energies naturally.

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Air Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganSELENITE

Selenite sooths the energy in your space and provides you with a fantastic tool to work with moon magic. If you need a lift in all areas of your life, Selenite is a powerful tool.

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Fire Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganLABRADORITE

Labradorite aids us in raising consiousness in general and reduces the parts of ourselves that are less than desireable, making room for us to live as our best selves.

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Aether Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganROSE QUARTZ

Rose quartz reminds us that love is the most important aspect of many parts of our lives. If you need to love yourself more, kindle deep friendships, or start a new relationship, this crystal is a wonderful choice.

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Spiral Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganCARNELIAN

Carnelian is a fiery crystal that dilivers courage, stability and action to those who work with its energy. It’s a stone that inspires these aspects, and is a powerful ally when you need confidence and strength.

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Spiral Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganSMOKY QUARTZ

Smoky quartz offers new ways of thinking and clear mindsets to those who work with its energy. It’s a very primal stone, that lends strength and insights of essential action required to improve your situation.

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Horned God Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganOBSIDIAN

A stone of hidden secrets that is ready to reveal itself to you in many different ways, Obsidian engages truth and honor while helping you to facilitate change in your life.

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Triskelion Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganTIGER’S EYE

Tiger’s Eye is a superior stone for grounding and centering yourself before meditation and ritual. It’s a protective ally that enables you to create the life you desire, while keeping negativity at bay.

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Solar Cross Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganBLOODSTONE

Bloodstone is a powerful stone that offers protection, healing and power. It’s a great ally to help you enhance your personal power and create change for the better in your life.

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Hecate's Wheel Symbol Witchcraft Wicca PaganMOONSTONE

A stone of wisdom and purity, Moonstone offers these insights and more. If you need a boost in intuition or psychic ability, this crystal is the perfect choice.

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Pentagram Symbol Pentacle Witchcraft Wicca PaganHEMATITE

Hematite is a stone that grounds us to the earth and helps to attract the things that will enhance our stability in life. It’s deeply connected to the earth, which means that it bring stability, energy and clarity to many who work with it.

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Triquetra Symbol Pentacle Witchcraft Wicca PaganBLACK TOURMALINE

Black tourmaline is a crystal that offers protection and grounding. It’s deeply detoxifying by its nature, so look to use it when things are feeling toxic and too much to bear.

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Eye Of Ra Symbol Pentacle Witchcraft Wicca PaganUNAKITE

Unakite is a defender of the spirit and works with you as you endeavor to balance your emotions and live as your highest self. If you need a shot of clarity, work with Unakite during your next meditation and spell.

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