Connecting to Your Past Life through Tarot

The thought of past lives and reincarnation is a thought that most likely have crossed everyone living today. Firstly, it isn’t hard to question where our odd habits or pet peeves came from. Second, a lot of people have admitted and have told stories about their past —making everyone else question their past life experiences as well. 

It is believed that we have lived a thousand lives before this incarnation and some of the scars of the past we subconsciously still bring in the present. 


Learning about your past life is a serious work. First of all, you should have a valid and deep purpose for dwelling into your past. Second, you should be open to what you will come across in this reading. Third, be humble enough to leave your ego, as this may avoid you getting a clear picture. 

To get you started, think about your goal or purpose for this reading. Why do you want to learn about your past life? What energy are you drawn to, or which of your past lives are currently reflecting in your present life? 

Light some candles, burn some incense and take a cleansing meditation before diving into the reading.

connecting to your past life through tarot

Past Life Reading

When you are ready, create a mental distance from your current self, erasing all thoughts, doubts and problems that you might be experiencing today. Be a full witness. Simply be. 

Step 1: Shuffle your deck and reflect on the personal questions you have about your most significant incarnation. 

Step 2: Once you finish shuffling, draw eight cards and place the first three cards above, the next two cards at the center and the last three cards at the bottom, creating a shape similar to the big letter ‘I’. 

Step 3: The guide is as follows.

Card #1: Your gender. As straightforward as it may seem, interpreting this card should not only be focused on the gender itself but also how you feel about being a male or female in your past life. Are there habits that you might have picked up today majorly because of your previous gender? Do you feel empowered more by masculine or feminine? Let this card subtly explain why.

Card #2: Your family. This card will determine your primary background in your most significant life. This will describe some beliefs, thoughts or rules that have been subconsciously brought to the present.

Card #3: Your identity. This card represents your personality. Were you timid? Wise? Loud? Observant? This will determine your behavior in the past and how it may have affected the whole of your most significant incarnation.

Card #4 and 5: Life changing situations. This card brings into light the most critical situations and hard-to-forget moments from your past life. This can either represent the most joyful or the most upsetting moments you’ve had before.

Card #6: Your responses. This card represents your action or response towards the life changing situations, bringing into light what was done and what should have been done. Also, making you aware if you have brought a certain way of thinking to your present life. 

Card #7: Life lesson. Resolved or unresolved, what were the life lessons you learned in the most critical situations you’ve experienced?

Card #8: Influence of this past life to your present. There are many ways these moments can show in your life today, especially ones that were unresolved in the past. Shift and observe which ones connect to your current beliefs, passion, and way of thinking. 

Step 4: Reflect and interpret the cards with thorough understanding. Taking your time to write a paragraph for each card can also help bring out more subtle memories and connections — all while clearing out the energy brought by bringing the past into the light.

Connecting to your past lives in any way you wish does not only break the curiosity you have for the experiences you’ve had but can anchor you to the present by alerting you of the vibration or auric energy you might have brought into this life. The ideal goal of learning about your past must be focused on living more fully in the present moment.

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