Communicating with your Pet through Tarot

Have you laid in bed with your pet and thought: what could he or she be thinking? Or have you ever thought about what your pet could be dreaming while he or she is fast asleep? 

Inducing in similar activities together can help you learn about each other, but, somehow, there always seems to be something missing. As owners, we can sometimes become blindsided of what our pets need and want. Tarot is not the answer to everything, but Tarot can enlighten you of what was always at the back of your mind. 

What is my Pet Thinking? 

There are a lot of books, online resources and consultants that can tell you what your dog may be thinking. What makes Tarot special is the fact that you do it personally — which means that you are able to give context to any card that comes out of your reading. 

Reading the Cards

Reading your cards for a pet reading slightly differs from a reading meant for humans. To sum it up, see the guide below:

Drawing a Card from the Major Arcana

When you draw a card from the minor arcana, the reading is directing the focus towards the owner, towards you. It shows how you are doing as an owner or how you are currently handling a situation that primarily involves your pet. 

Drawing a Card from the Minor Arcana

On the other hand, drawing a card from the minor arcana directs the reading towards your pet. This is when you hear their side of the story. If you are looking forward to focus on your pet during a session, you may set the major arcana aside. 

Questions to Ask in a Pet Reading

If you don’t have an idea what to ask the cards yet or you’re just simply curious about what your pet is thinking, here are some of the questions you could ask. 

  1. What your pet wants to tell you right now
  2. What your pet loves
  3. What your pet dislikes
  4. What you need to do for your pet right now
  5. What is your pet’s personality 

Communicating with your pet through tarot

A Sample Reading

  1. What your pet wants to tell your right now
  2. What you need to do for your pet right now

What makes these two questions complement each other is the fact that it is two-way. It brings your pet and your side both to light. 

What your pet wants to tell your right now – Six of Cups

Your pet is possibly thinking about the past right now. He or she may be looking back to happy memories that you may both have stopped engaging in. When you draw this card, your pet may be telling you to play with him or her just like you both used to or he or she might simply be telling you to bring out old toys that your pet stopped seeing or playing with for a while.

What you need to do for your pet right now – Queen of Wands

Give yourself a pat on the back! Queen of Wands implies you did a great job leading your pet to greatness. In your pet’s perspective, seeing this card implies that your pet is ready to be led and is probably just waiting for you to state your commands.

With the help of Tarot, mutual understanding and deeper relationships are possible with your furry best friend. Let us know if you’ve tried it! 

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