The use of herbs in a practice is considered to be under the plant and kitchen magick category. It is unique in its way because of its ability to fuse these crafts. Casting herbs can add magic to any craft regardless of what you practice as a witch. This technique can bring abundance, light, and joy into your life when done with a conscious state and an open mind. 

Casting Herbs 

By definition, casting herbs are herbs that are purposely combined with other herbs to manifest a specific intention. Casting herbs are similar to potions used for spellwork and meditation. 

Herbs contain different energies and each of them is special in their way. When they are combined, burnt, and cast into the fire, they change state and conjoin with the ethereal winds. The message or intention held by the herbs is believed to be sent to the Divine, which will help you manifest them in return. 

How to Use Casting Herbs


A traditional way of burning casting herbs is by tossing a handful of herbs to a bonfire. Ideally, witches set up a bonfire during celebrations for ceremonial purposes involving herbs and other ornaments to be cast to the fire. However, setting up a bonfire might not be ideal for everyone, especially if you live in a strict community. Before setting up, don’t forget to check on the laws you might have around the area that you reside in.


Burning a bunch of casting herbs in a cauldron is the most convenient and accessible way to do spellwork with herbs. What makes cauldrons interesting is the fact that it comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes which enables you to choose one that resonates with your personality or the nature of your intention or goal. Depending on your preference, you can have one for every affirmation by adding a carved or painted sigil to the cauldron. 


Another creative way of using casting herbs is by turning them into incense. To make your incense, gather dried herbs of your choice, toss them into the blender or processor and mix them with any liquid base. Measure 3 parts of your liquid base and 5 parts of your herb mixture and combine them using a spoon or a spatula. Shape them into cones and put them on a clean countertop to dry. Once they finish drying, put them in an airtight container to keep the scent intact and fresh. Use them whenever you do meditation or spellwork dedicated to your specific intention.

What Is A Casting Herb? (And How You Can Use Them In Your Craft)

To Start With

Making your casting herbs is basically an act of collecting and combining herbs. To start you with your little creative hunt, we’ve listed a few herbs and their associations. 


Thyme dispels negative energy by acting like an auric shield. Thyme is an herb of courage, strength, and protection.


Basil is an herb of active energy. The herb is ruled by the element of fire and masculine energy which makes it ideal for manifesting wealth, abundance, and success.


Lavender is associated with the crown chakra and is an herb for calming the mind and bringing clarity in a situation or a setback. 


Rosemary is an herb for fidelity, transparency, and honesty. It is an ideal herb for doing romantic love and self-love spellwork.


Cinnamon is an herb that raises one’s spiritual awareness and shields the aura from negative influences. This herb is best for witches who practice astral projection, tarot, and divination. 

Incorporating casting herbs into your practice is a fun and creative way to develop your relationship with nature. In some way, it is also a way of giving back to nature and connecting with the Divine and our Highest Self.