Casting a circle is one of the basic skills that every witch has to learn, whether consciously or unconsciously. Although the practice of casting is merely an option rather than a die-hard rule, it is often used to protect from external influences during meditation, divination, spellwork, and other rituals. Because casting is a witch’s choice, the experience usually varies per person. Some like to cast a circle with candles, while others simply prefer to visualize it.

Your Safe Space

A circle is often described as a safe space because of its ability to protect from external influences and unwanted energies. It is a space where you can drop your ego, worries and doubts – a space where you can simply be. 

It can also be illustrated as a lid on top of a peanut butter jar, protecting insects, ants and air to deteriorate the quality of the content. It is your circle of protection from pest-like energies during meditation or divination.

Focused Energy

If you had experienced being in a casted circle, you might have noticed a shift of energy showing as a tingling sensation or heat in the body. This particular sensation is linked to the collective energy or the “peanut butter” inside of the jar which makes you feel more capable and powerful of manifesting your desires. 

This can also show up like a lucid dream, a form of spiritual hallucination or teleport to the oasis, whatever that means to you.

Extension of the Aura

A circle can be cast with or without formal rituals. During an awakened state, you will feel the same collective energy as discussed above. This can be visualized as a protective blob or shield around your aura. 

For practical reasons, we don’t always get to spend our whole day within our sacred space or altar. Jobs and responsibilities can come in our way, drain our energies, and distort our perspectives. This is where circle casting comes into use. 

Circle Casting

Casting a Circle

As we mentioned above, there are no formal instructions in casting a circle right. You can use varieties of tools: crystals, candles, ropes, twigs, flowers, herbs — your choice. But to give you an idea, we came up with a simple technique in casting that you may use to begin with.

To start with, clear your area from clutter and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Prepare four lit candles of your choice and arrange them according to the four cardinal directions: Earth/north, Air/east, Fire/south, Water/west, about 5 or 6 feet in diameter. As soon as you have prepared your tools, center, and put yourself in a calm, meditative state. Once you are ready, stand facing east and call the spirits of the air to guide you and protect you. Do the same thing with the rest of the elements. When you finish, affirm and say, “The circle is cast. Blessed be.” Use this moment to begin your meditation or start doing your magick. 

Finally, when you are done, do not forget to dissolve the circle by putting off the candles and finishing with a heart of gratitude for the divine. 

There is no right or wrong in casting a circle. Just like other Wiccan practices, it is always crucial to put your intuition and creativity in the practice before anything else. Do what feels right!