Art is the expression of the soul. Through symbols and abstract images, art is both an avenue for expression and connection linked with the self and others. It connects us with the messages of the divine through intuition. Although art can mean differently to everyone, art creates a lineage among other witches in the community, including those who have passed, our beloved ancestors. 

To honor art, the divine expression of the soul, we are acknowledging five of our current favorite artists on Instagram. These artists are illustrators, authors, tarot and oracle creators that we believe show the vivid beauty of life, nature and the magic within all of us. 



5 Of Our Favorite Witchy Artists On Instagram Right Now

Issabela Owens is an illustrator and Etsy seller based in Spain. Dreamy, soft and magical, her work is centered on magical creatures and our connection to the earth. We love how she reminds us of our witchy fantasies! 


5 Of Our Favorite Witchy Artists On Instagram Right Now

Minimal, elegant and powerful. @dreamy_moons showcases pieces of guidance through her art work. Her signature color palette is black and gold — the color of darkness and light combined. We love how she played with simple lines and curves to emphasize the volume in her work. We also admire how her art makes us feel enlightened during a time of darkness. Annie, the artist behind @dreamy_moons, is also an oracle deck creator and the author of ‘A Journey Within: An Adventure though your Mind, Heart and Soul.


5 Of Our Favorite Witchy Artists On Instagram Right Now

Athena, the artist and illustrator behind the @WhiteWitchOracle, showcases her art by producing a magically crafted deck. Her art is more detailed, vivid and realistic yet playful in colors — creating a style that is harmonious in nature. We admire how she gives space for intuition to work — making a void enough for the message to portray itself to the viewer clearly.


5 Of Our Favorite Witchy Artists On Instagram Right Now

Playful, creative and vibrant. Lisa Sterle is the creator of the ‘Modern Witch Tarot Deck’, a modern, feminine take on the original Rider-Waite tarot. We like how she transitioned the illustrations of the standard deck into little moments that we can acknowledge and appreciate in the modern-day life! 


5 Of Our Favorite Witchy Artists On Instagram Right Now

Magical, feminine and contemporary. Alexis, the artist behind @alexisrakun, explores her deep connection to her inner self by portraying it in fantastic and vibrant artworks. Our favorite artwork, ‘the girl and the tree’ (as we like to call it),  looks much like a magical scene in Pocahontas when she asks the guidance of nature during her shortcomings.

Art is a creative expression of the soul and those works we resonate with, tells a lot about our perspective of the world. Art helps us discover who we are, who we were and who we ought to be. Despite the diverse practices that we have as modern witches, art reunites us in a magical, abstract way. 

With that in mind, this is definitely not the last time that we will be featuring our favorite artists on this blog and on Instagram. 

If this post inspired you to create, don’t hesitate! Art is never right or wrong. It can only be progressive, meaningful or revolutionary.