In the modern-day, witchcraft usually begins differently for everyone. Diving into this magickal craft can be motivated by anything connected to it – love for nature, for animals, yoga, wisdom, and much more. Wherever you come from and how you started does not matter. You are freely welcome to practice different styles of practice, depending on what feels good for you. 

Witchcraft can be pretty overwhelming — especially for beginners who decide to “study” the craft. While studying and memorizing symbols works for others, it is not ideal for beginner witches to dive straight into it.

Witchcraft is both complex and simple. It only asks one promise from you: to keep your curiosity and mind open. Curiosity cuts the pressure for you to commit to a practice that does not fulfill the potential of your highest self. Being open-minded also opens you to your true spiritual gifts.

Sit in Meditation

Meditating is a beneficial activity for the body, spirit, and mind and is proven by different religious beliefs. Meditation is a way to cleanse yourself from egoistic tendencies that may sometimes lead to toxic behaviors. Meditation can calm the soul and open the spirit to receive. 

When you are in meditation, you become your creator. Being in this state connects you with the highest form of the self, making you adept in creating successful manifestations.

Connect with Nature

Connecting with nature is practiced by all types of witches. This is because nature cleanses and restores the energies to one’s aura — our spiritual field where our decisions and thoughts are influenced by. Nature is also considered to be a natural healer.  

Acknowledge your Path

One’s spiritual path is different from others. You are not better nor inferior to other types of witches. As a beginner, it is important to appreciate where you are in your practice. Acknowledge your path and avoid generalizing your ‘witch type’ early on. Use your curiosity and intuition to move forward rather than to commit to one certain practice.\

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Incorporate Tools to Your Practice

As you move forward, it is essential to incorporate tools that can support you in your practice. Crystals, herbs, and candles are just some of the tools that can make it easier for you to connect with your Highest Self. 

 Witches are humans too. Enlightenment does not indicate perfect calmness and numbness from influences brought by external forces. As you advance in the practice, you will realize how easy it is to absorb and bring home vibrations that can either serve or bring turmoil into your life. Crystals, herbs, and candles can be used to protect from these energies or affirm goals and desires.

Craft a Sacred Space

A sacred space is where you can feel calm, peaceful, and blissful. This is where you store all the positive energy in your home. Your sacred space or your altar is where you’ll be doing most of your rituals, meditation, and spellwork. 

Being a witch is about being your best self no matter what path you choose to advance with. There is no wrong or right path, but rather a path where you find peace, love, and joy, or otherwise.