Happy New Moon in Gemini lovely humans! The Lover’s card is associated with the duality we see in Geminis. Two sides of a coin, coming together to form one union. This New Moon may have you exploring new forms of communication and interests! Run with it! Quarantine may have left you feeling stagnant, so exploring these new ideas may be exactly what you need to feel refreshed.

Our first card, the Knight of Wands, suggests where we have been too self-centered. The Knight of Wands suggests rapid forward movement and getting over situations easily. This is by all accounts a positive thing, however, just because we move quickly does not mean others should be held to the same standard we hold ourselves to. Remember, we all go at our own pace, and just because you maybe move passed feelings rapidly, does not mean everyone else will! Be kind and patient to those around you, we are all doing our best.

Our next card, the Moon shows us how the Knight has affected our relationships with those around us. The Moon brings real tension and uncertain feelings when we see it in terms of our communication. The Moon can also signal confusion, communication breaks down and we are left uncertain. You may not see things clearly and know it. Being too hard on others may leave them feeling very displaced with how you are treating them. It can cause anxiety and rocky relationships.

The Hermit’s presence shows us where we can be more reliable. The Hermit is analytical and insightful, he pauses before making any sudden changes or moves. To be more reliable to those around us, as well as ourselves, taking a moment to analyze situations before rushing in. Don’t make commitments you haven’t paused on, and reflected on whether or not you can keep. Think before you speak. 

Finally, the Six of Wands shows us where we can seek comfort and clarity amongst the chaos. The Six of Wands tells us a few things. Firstly, to keep going. In the chaos, push forward, and don’t give up. Secondly, it’s presence suggests that we are on the right track, even if we have any doubts. With the state of the world right now, it may be a comforting reminder, that this chaos will not last forever and in time we will find ourselves back to “normal.” Take comfort in the idea that even the worst times don’t last forever, we just have to keep slugging through the mud to find our way out.


Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle
Reading: Tired Witch