The Sun Tarot card depicts good fortune, happiness, joy, and harmony in all areas of one’s existence. A generally considered positive card and the 19th card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck, it is sometimes referred to as the best card in the Tarot that embodies pleasurable and positive outcomes to prevailing struggles. The card portrays the way the universe conspires and agrees with the path you desire to take and allows greater things to manifest in your life. 

When you see this card in your reading, it only means that others find you like a ray of sunshine whenever you walk into a room. You bring joy and empowerment, traits that draw them closer to you. Just like the sun, you also bring warmth and comfort to the people around you.

The large and bright energy of the sun that fills the sky is the major source of all the life on Earth. Beneath the sun is four sunflowers that grow tall above a brick wall, depicting the four suits of the Minor Arcana and the four elements.

In front of those flowers is a child with arms wide open while riding a white horse. The child’s nakedness is a symbol of innocence and the faultless purity of youth, his very presence shows the joy of being connected with your most authentic self. True strength and nobility lies behind the presence of the white horse, a symbol of resilience in handling whatever comes your way. 

The Sun Card

The Sun Card in an Upright Position

When in an upright position, The Sun card gives off positive emotions such as joy, enlightenment, and vitality. When faced in difficult situations, the Sun Tarot serves as a reminder that struggles don’t last forever and life lessons are learning tools that mold us to become brighter and better individuals. This card promises the resolution of your problems in varying aspects of life producing less chaotic days ahead. 

The truth that this card signifies will reveal the deceitful intentions towards you as well as the culprit behind those lies. If your purpose is clouded with uncertainty, the Sun Tarot will clear the fog and ensure sunny skies ahead.

The Sun is also a representation of good luck and fortune. When taking chances in new ventures and career expansion this card will serve as a support tool to help you get ahead of your competitors. Any complications you have been going through will melt away with the warmth this card imbues. 

The Sun Card in a Reversed Position

The Sun is overall a positive sign. However, when the Sun is reversed in a tarot card spread, there is a tendency that you will struggle in finding the positivity needed in your current situation. Like the sun in the card that is obscured by the clouds, it can be hard to see and feel its light. 

Sun reversed can depict setbacks and failures along the way, making it hard for you to accelerate your career and relationships. This can also symbolize problems in dealing with partnerships and investments or having false hope about success that can result in excessive stress and anxiety. 

In relationships, a reversed Sun card may suggest that both you and your partner need to spice things up and avoid taking your relationship for granted. Sometimes, this could also indicate the emergence of health and other work-related issues, as well as a self-destructive behavior that may damage your enthusiasm and optimism in facing life as it is.

Your beams of motivation may fade temporarily, but this does not mean that you can never bounce back again after all those setbacks. A reversed Sun does not completely indicate negativity in life. At some point, there is always something to be thankful for even when you hit the rough patch. 

From a spiritual viewpoint, the Sun Card is a reminder that your thoughts shape your actions and beliefs. Directing your energy only on what serves you will attract all the positivity needed in your life.