The Importance of Charging your Crystals with the Sun

Naturally, crystals that have not been taken from the earth do not need to be charged. This is because they naturally cleanse and charge themselves directly with the Earth’s energies. However, once crystals are harvested, they lose their power to regenerate themselves with positive energy. The responsibility of charging them is passed on to the carrier or keeper of the crystal as crystals are known to be vulnerable of lingering energies around them and they can easily absorb the vibrations of the environment. If the keeper fails to charge them, crystals may absorb too much energy — causing them to break eventually.

One of the ways you can charge your crystals is by exposing them to bright indirect sunlight. Just like the moonlight, charging your crystals with the sun is equally important because of the radiating properties of the sun’s energy. 

The best time to charge your crystal with the sun is during the summer solstice when the sun is at its most powerful state.

Charging Crystals with the Sun

Properties of Sunlight 

The sun is known for its masculine energy and its association with the fire sign. Charging your crystals during the day can help you with goals relating to motivation, persistence, and happiness. 

Because the Sun is a symbol for growth and harvest, exposing yourself to an ample amount of sunlight, along with your crystals, can bestow you good fortune, abundance, and prosperity in all aspects. 

Drawing a sun card in a tarot reading also symbolizes the sun’s ability to realign the universe and move you towards a greater path. Sunlight can aid you in attaining peace and harmony in all your endeavors. Having your crystals absorb this powerful energy can help you maintain the radiance of the sun throughout the day. 

Charging Methods


When you have the luxury of time, one of the best ways to charge your crystals with the sun is by being present alongside them. Meditating in your garden during a sunny day can give both your crystals and yourself the chance to absorb and circulate the sun’s energy. Expect to feel enthusiasm and bliss after your meditation. 

Candle Light

During Litha, people who do not have access to a bonfire or sunlight can use gold or yellow candles to use as a substitute. This can be done by putting your crystals around a candle and letting them freely absorb the energy relinquished by the candle. This method can also be used when it is difficult to access sunlight or during the cold, gloomy days of winter.

Bright-indirect light

Before you put your crystals out in the sun, it is important to check whether your crystals are safe from tarnishing and fading. These crystals may include Aventurine, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Beryl, Citrine, Kunzite, Sapphires, Fluorite, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz. Alternatively, you can put your crystals where it can receive minimal bright-indirect light such as on the patio or a south-facing windowsill. If you live in a dark apartment, you may use the candle-lighting method instead.

Cleanse Your Crystals

Cleansing your crystal is considered to be as important as charging them. When your cup is full, you are not capable of receiving more. When you think your crystal had not been cleaned for a long time, it may have accumulated energy in the past. To charge your crystal with new intentions and fresh energy, you must cleanse it first by smudging sage or placing it under running water for 30 seconds.