Bright, warm, and sunny. Amplifying the overall mood for summertime is easier with a supporting piece from nature like Calendula. Calendula is a versatile, edible plant that can be used for spells, divination, and rituals. In this article, we will give you an in-depth view of the benefits and uses of this perennial herbaceous plant in your witchcraft journey. 


What is Calendula?


Ruling Planets: Sun

Astrological Sign: Leo

Elements: Fire

Energy: Masculine 

Calendula is a sun-loving plant that originated in West Europe. Ancient lore says this plant is particularly linked to the legend of a Maiden named Caltha who fell in love with Apollo, the sun god. It was believed that Calendula grew on the spot where Caltha died upon waiting for her love. 

Traditionally, this perennial herbaceous plant was used for cooking and spiritual healing. Calendula was also used as garlands in rituals and ceremonies and a bleaching agent for women who wish to lighten the shade of their hair. This plant is also commonly used as an anti-inflammatory medicine for acne and a solution for reducing menstrual cramps.

Calendula is ruled by the sun and the astrological sign Leo, the passionate and most charismatic of all signs. The masculine energy that the Calendula comprises adds enthusiasm and motivation to whoever uses it.

Because of its association with the sun, Calendula is considered to be a magnet for positivity, optimism, and enthusiasm. It is believed to replicate the healing properties of sunlight, providing warmth and happiness to people who do not have easy access to sunlight. Calendula can be placed in offices with minimal sunlight and areas in your home that are susceptible to absorbing negative energies. 

Bright and Sunny Calendula

Using Calendula for Witchcraft

Calendula can be used to manifest beauty, love, and healing. To use the plant for a beauty spell, mash the petals of the Calendula with a small amount of water in a bowl to make a poultice and make a simple affirmation before putting it onto your skin. Use it like you would apply a facial cream and rinse it after massaging the skin for 3-5 minutes. Scientifically, Calendula is also considered as an anti-inflammatory herbal medicine that restores collagen in the skin, aiding healing and recovery from wounds or acne. This edible plant can also be consumed as a tea.

To attract love and adoration, the best method is to bathe in a tub with Calendula petals combined with rose petals and lavender buds. Bathing in a tub with Calendula can also aid in alleviating spiritual blockages in the body. 

Decorating your sacred space or home altar with Calendula is also a popular way to utilize this plant in your spiritual practice and add joy in your daily life. It can be used to dye your altar cloth or simply be placed in a glass jar where it can easily be seen. 

Calendula grows wherever there is sunlight. Having this perennial plant close to you during uncertain times can help you remember that you are still growing and progressing — no matter how slow. Calendula inspires you to see the light in any circumstance, instilling your life with joy, optimism, and enthusiasm for the gifts of the present moment.