Yellow is the color of sunshine, commonly associated with growth, happiness, positivity, and warmth. Because of its bright and eye-captivating characteristics, this color is undeniably easy to like. 

Yellow is also a color that describes child-like enthusiasm and creativity. Numerous people believe that incorporating yellow in offices and studios encourage productivity and inspired action.

In many different cultures, yellow is used to symbolize wealth, refinement, and bravery. Countries such as Egypt and Africa honor the color yellow by allowing yellow garments to be worn only by people of high ranks because of its close association with gold. Conversely, some cultures link yellow with dark meanings such as jealousy, betrayal, and weakness. 



Colors play a large part in tarot by enhancing your intuition and improving your readings. It also gives you better awareness of what the cards are truly trying to tell you. In this section, we will go deeper into understanding yellow when we come across it in a tarot reading.


Yellow is the color generally associated with blissful, child-like happiness. Coming across yellow in a reading can mean that your affirmations and desires are soon bound to manifest. This suggests that it may be the perfect time to prepare and support your goals by taking the action to meet them.


Seeing the color of sunshine in a reading can mean that you have all the resources, skills, and the potential to express yourself through creativity. An example of this card would be The Magician, showing an image of a powerful man on a yellow background. The magician’s key qualities suggest that it may be the right time to start a new business or career.


Yellow is a color associated with the air element, an element responsible for providing intellect, logic, and wisdom. The hermit is an example of a card symbolizing intellect and self-introspection. The yellow-lit lantern and a yellow-colored staff held by the man in the card represents the guidance and support that wisdom can provide you. Drawing this card in a reading may suggest that listening to your Highest Self before judging a situation or a person may be the best thing to do.

What Does yellow mean in tarot?


The color yellow is ruled by the Mercury, the god of communication and negotiation. Seeing yellow in a tarot may represent a go signal for a partnership or a collaboration. This may also suggest that you currently need to fix a relationship or check on a friend who might be calling for help.


Seeing yellow often may mean that you have not fulfilled something related to your creativity or intellect. This may also mean that you have been putting your happiness on a pedestal by neglecting your emotions to impress others.


So yellow is a color that represents your happiness, creativity, knowledge, and communication with others. However, this color could mean differently to everyone.

It is equally important to acknowledge personal and cultural associations because they, too, have the potential to give your readings impact, meaning, and power.