Miraculous, energetic, and grounding. The Red Jasper crystal echoes the captivating beauty of nature. Red is a color that rises attention and notice. In essence, Red Jasper is a crystal to wake and ground the energy in the body. It is a crystal that encourages you to see the beauty around you and make something out of it. 

Red Jasper stimulates feminine energy, one that is similar to that of Cerridwen, the goddess of inspiration and knowledge. 

The properties of this stone inspire and motivates anyone who is currently in a creative rut. This eliminates the negative energies of the body that is causing laziness, procrastination, and drowsiness. 

Although you know that you have unique gifts to share in the world, finding distractions is inevitable, especially in the modern world. Technology can sometimes overwhelm you with images that distort reality which can cause you to feel unworthy of acceptance. If you feel the fire burning out, it is time to seek out the powerful properties of this bold, empowering stone and finally act on your creative pursuits.



There are multiple ways to incorporate Red Jasper in your spiritual practice. The most common way to use this crystal is by keeping it as a stone for good luck or protection. It is particularly revered by ancient civilizations as a “Rain Bringer” or a stone carrying abundance for their lands to receive in the next several years. Because of its divine feminine energy, Red Jasper is also known as an amulet for women who are expecting to conceive.  

Another way to utilize Red Jasper is by meditation. Red Jasper is known to amplify your intuitive senses and balance the life force energy in the body. This bold, rustic stone restores your passion for life – making it a great crystal to incorporate in your daily morning meditation.  


Red Jasper For Litha & Witchcraft  



With the peak of the solar year coming up, it is once again the time to celebrate abundance and fertility. The longest day and shortest night of the year is best paired with Red Jasper, a crystal that similarly symbolizes the warmth of the sun at its most powerful state. 

To make the most out of this annual celebration, put your red jasper in a place where it is exposed to the sun during the summer solstice. While it is absorbing the energies of the sun, go ahead and set five positive affirmations and write it down on a piece of paper. Believe that you will receive these provisions from the Sun Gods and Goddesses and expect your desires to manifest in due time.

In conclusion, Red Jasper is an essential stone to include in your crystal collection. Red Jasper encourages action and restores the life force energy in the body. It is a crystal that will keep your passionate energy intact, despite the overwhelming circumstances that can cloud the mind and distort your perspective of reality.

Red Jasper can support you in sustaining your “fuel” and drive to attain prosperity, abundance, and creativity in your life.