Welcome To Another Full Moon!


For the Scorpio full moon, we are looking at releasing and accepting changes in our life. This is why Scorpio is so closely connected to the Death card. Death is all about change and accepting the growth and change that comes with that. Think of the phoenix, with death comes new life; opening up to a new chapter. Scorpios are also connected with “mating” for life, and what symbolizes a lifelong commitment, other than Death.

Our first card for this reading, the Ten of Wands suggests what we are leaving behind. The Ten of Wands is that of being overworked, and even to the point of giving up. Now I know so many of us currently may be saying “but Robyn, I am currently on unemployment.” Well being, overworked can also come from the unknowing and the very real work that is anxiety. This would signify the end to that feeling, whether its because you’ve had so much on your shoulders during this pandemic or the anxiety that you have carried that’s weighing you down.

Moving forward Judgement reversed, shows us what we have been holding onto, too tightly. This would point us to holding onto the idea of how others perceive us and their opinions, too closely. Typically this card suggests someone’s warped other people’s perspectives of us. Consider that a them problem, and not your problem. Holding onto that burden is only harmful to yourself, and they won’t care! Let them think what they want, the real ones know better.

Finally, our last card, the Eight of Wand reversed shows us where some advice on releasing and moving forward! The Eight of Wands tells us to slow down and even take a break. The Eight of Wands when reversed is that of missing targets and what do we do when we continuously keep missing targets? We stop, pause, regroup, and then come back at it with a fresh perspective. If we are able to let go, then we are able to come back to the situation with fresh eyes, and a better perspective to tackle the problem. You guys have got this!


Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle
Reading By: Tired Witch