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Happy New Moon in Taurus everyone!

The Hierophant is associated with Taurus for it’s well grounded traits. The Hierophant doesn’t need to prove itself to anyone, as it gets messages from the heavens and from earth. There is no showing off here, there is just level headed reality. Taurus, although level headed, can be a bit materialistic, it’s one looming big negative.

Our first card, the  Two of Swords reversed, suggests what needs to be released this Full Moon. The Two of Swords is all about release, in any context, when reversed. The veil that keeps us guarded, is lifted, and our armor of swords is dropped. Whomever we have felt we need to guard ourselves from, maybe for unjust reasons, and it’s time to drop our swords. We may need to re-approach the situation from a new angle, and one that allows us to have an open mind.

The Magician shows us what grudges we must let go of. This to me would indicate someone who made us. This could be literally our parents or someone who helped us become who we are; through work or even adulthood. This isn’t to say, go forgive them, and let it all go. Letting go of a grudge does not mean becoming their doormat, but to internally release it, for our own mental state of being. 

Moving forward the Queen of Cups reversed, suggests where we have become too possessive. The Queen of Cups when reversed suggests a mother or mother figure who is too emotionally needy. You may find yourself really relying on others, for emotional support or attention. We all do this, but sometimes, that dependency gets out of hand. This is the energy we are seeing here. It doesn’t mean you can’t rely on your friends, but also, they aren’t your children or your mother. Stretch those wings!

Finally, the King of Wands shows us where we can be more accepting. The King of Wands appears as an attempt to be more mindful. When we consider how we need to be accepting, sometimes acceptance comes from understanding and examining situations from other perspectives. No, others aren’t necessarily correct, but that doesn’t mean we can’t observe the situation from their viewpoint. We’re in a time that lacks a lot of empathy and understanding, and even if we can’t agree with someone, doesn’t mean we can’t understand why they came to their conclusions.

I hope you all have a beautiful New Moon, and take this opportunity to hone in the grounding and stability that comes with the Taurus New Moon.


Reading By: Tired Wich
Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle