Happy Full Moon in Libra everyone! This Full Moon is much needed to bring us some balance in our lives, during this chaotic time. Justice is associated with Libra’s for its balanced nature. This is a time when we may be weighing up the decision to be nice vs. disturbing the peace. Especially with being cooped up inside, during self-isolation, you may find yourself facing this challenge more than regular. You are not alone!

Our first card, the Page of Wands reversed shows us where we are needing more balance in our life. When we see this Page in reverse, we see a lack of focus. You may have recently found yourself in the position many of us have, where life is a bit crazy and out of routine. Due to being thrown out of our routines, this can leave us feeling very drained. This is understandable, but sometimes we’ve got to shake that up!

Moving on the Queen of Wands shows us one side of our internal conflicts at present. The Queen of Wands can suggest that someone, typically a female or feminine energy, in your life is creating blockages for you. You may be home and that highschool energy is back, with big triggers! If that’s the case, or something similar, don’t be afraid to speak up! Remember that you are your own person, and you are no one’s doormat- even if you love and care about that person so much. They may not even realize they are hurting you so badly!

The other side of our internal conflicts is shown with the Hermit. This should be pretty obvious, haha! We are isolating, we are withdrawing from society, for the greater good. And although this is for the greater good, it can put some of us in a position where it’s even more harmful to another kind of health; our mental health.

The Magician reversed, shows us some advice on what can bring the balance back into our lives. This is a card all about ego and setting it aside. The divine spark the Magician usually holds no longer comes from above but instead is driven by narcissism. You may need to take some time to ground and meditate yourself. This situation isn’t about you, it’s truly a global experience. And although it’s easy to go there, avoiding that kind of negative self-talk, will be better overall for your wellbeing.

Finally, the King of Swords shows us what the right thing to do in this situation is. He advises that you research your situation and in the process question existing authorities. Now before you even go there, on questioning whether that means you should stay home, during self-isolation, let’s go back to our Queen of Wands; a person or situation that may be making you feel less than. Remember that although our situation is not ideal, that doesn’t mean that we can’t still control our immediate environment. Take action and proactive steps to stand up for yourself!

Reading By: Tired Witch
Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle


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