Happy New Moon in Aries everyone!

The Emperor is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries due to its mature nature.

There are no impulsive moves this card makes, and although the Aries temperament may be a bit fiery, like this card, every move is calculated and thought through.

Our first card, the Page of Swords reversed shows us where we have been too impulsive and need to dial back. The Page of Swords can indicate ill-thought-out, spiteful behavior. We are all a little bored these days with the self-isolation that is going on globally. Don’t use that boredom to take it out on those in your life. And especially don’t do it if you haven’t thought through the consequences of those actions. Rise above, and pause before acting.

Where we have been too demanding and need to realign is shown with our next card, the Queen of Swords. We may find ourselves been too needy. The Queen is a lonely card, and therefore may find herself reaching out to others to lift said loneliness. Obviously you should be able to depend on your friends and loved ones for the company, but sometimes we also need to accept that loneliness is a temporary condition of life. 

Moving forward the Nine of Wands reversed shows us how our attitudes have affected others. The Nine of Wands, when reversed, can indicate that we have created enemies of our loved ones. Now, before we all get riled up about this, we are all a little stir crazy and sensitive at this time. Just as we are potentially being annoying accidentally, others may find themselves over sensitive towards said annoyance. This again is also a temporary emotion, one that can be combated with giving people some space, even just for a few hours.

Advice on to better handle our own emotions and actions is shown through the Queen of Pentacles reversed. She is like the opposite of the expression “I’m baby.” Now I am not trying to suggest we all being jerks, however, having a moment of realness with ourselves, that we are our own responsibility is necessary. Although this card tends to be a bit of a ruthless jerk, that does not mean we need to be. Instead hone in her realness and “hard truth” energy, just within ourselves (in a healthy way, don’t bully yourself either.)

Finally, the Nine of Swords reversed shows us what parting advice we have for this New Moon. Stop worrying so much about the things we have no control over. We have a lot right now, that we do have control over. Obsessing over the “what ifs” is only going to put us all into a position of panic and nightmares. Let’s focus on the things we do have control over! Start a new hobby, set some indoor goals! It’s not all doom and gloom!

I hope you all have a beautiful new moon with self-isolating! There are loads to do, it’s just a matter of perspective!


Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle
Reading By: Tired Witch