Abundance comes in so many different forms. Money is often the first one we think of, but think about the things in your life that you are grateful for, and you’ll find so many things that enrich and expand your life. 

These forms of abundance are great to focus on when we work our magic. When we approach our manifestations from a place of deep contentment and relaxed confidence, we know that everything we need always flows to us in many different ways. 

This core belief can be confidently infused into a candle magic working so that it can then be released with the lighting of the flame.

So today, let’s quiet our minds and hearts and go within to realize our creative potential to attract all the abundance we’ll ever need.

Here are 5 steps that can help:

1. Feel Good About Your Current Abundance

Take time before starting this candle magic working to ensure that you truly do feel connected to the creative power of abundance. Meditate on all the things you have and how far you’ve come in your life. Feel in your heart the absolute truth that “abundance is always flowing into my life”. Raise your energy and vibration to match the abundance frequency, and find rest in this exciting energy for a while before you start this candle magic working.

2. Cast A Circle 

If your tradition holds that casting a circle is required, cast one now. If you’re new to this, a circle is a great tool to help you focus the energy you’ve just created in step 1. It contains that energy and focuses it, while ensuring that only that good and positive energy is surrounding you.

3. Focus Your Intention

So you’ve raised your energy and you’re feeling all the abundance in the universe dwelling inside of you. Now is the time to physically embody that energy within a tangible object. 

Gather a few items:

A green candle
• A ritual oil with basil and cinnamon
• Herbs that embody abundance, such as basil, cinnamon, ginger, or mint.
• A candle holder
• Your preferred cleansing element like water, salt or smoke

Cleanse your candle to purify it and prepare it to take in your energy. Ceremoniously apply ritual oil and dry herbs as you see fit to begin to prepare this abundance candle for your spell. And finally, place the candle in a holder at the center of your working space. It is cleansed and prepared.

5. Confidently Create

Surround the dressed candle with your hands. Once again, raise your energy to feel the joyful presence of abundance energy. Let that energy flow through your hands and into the candle in front of you. If you’d like to use an affirmation, speak the words “The abundance that flows, continues to grow” as you continue to charge your candle. 

As you do this confidently create your reality in this world. Be sure that this will come to pass and contain that surety within the candle before you. When you are ready, light the candle as you say “So as I say, It is true today”. Let your candle burn as it releases your truth into the skies above. Your truth is now made real.

5. Give Thanks

As you end this working, give thanks to all those who came together for your benefit in your life. Friends, family, spirits, deities and positive energies have all conspired to help you along your way–whether seen or unseen. 

Give thanks once again for all that you have, and all that you will continue to receive. Close your circle if needed and end the working.

This is a simple and profound was to use candle magic to solidify your truth of abundance in your life. 

Continue to trust in this magic that you’ve created and don’t let yourself fall back into your scarcity mindset. The Earth is a benevolent energy that is always pouring out its abundance on those who will receive it. Always remember this and honor this truth every day with the affirmation “The abundance that flows, continues to grow”.