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Luck is something that eludes us at times, even though it’s always there, just waiting for us to allow it to manifest into our day to day lives.

We create our own luck through our internal beliefs, but sometimes a simple reminder in the form of a crystal, totem or symbol can be the extra nudge we need to allow that abundance of luck to flow easily to us.

Pyrite is one of those reminders of luck that every Witch should be familiar with and empower with their intention to allow more good luck to flow.


Pyrite has many metaphysical meanings, but let’s focus on using it for luck, since it’s a powerful way to focus your intention and create change in the way you think about your own personal luck.


Pyrite tends to oxidize when it gets wet, so rather than cleansing yours with water, try using either smoke or salt to clear it from unwanted energy.

With smoke, simply pass your crystal over your burning incense or hold it in your hand while you pass a smoke wand underneath. With salt, fill a small ritual bowl with sea salt and cover your Pyrite for as long as you see fit to clear its energy. Overnight is a great duration if you don’t know where to start.


Pyrite is a beautiful crystal that loves to reflect light and enchant its space with a dance of light and energy. When charging Pyrite, consider meditating with your cleansed piece to infuse your intention of luck within, then place it in a sunny window or outside where it can restore itself with the bright element of the sun.


Create a dedicated place for your Pyrite to rest within your home or office–wherever you would like to bring the most luck to you.

When you feel you need to realign with the vibration of luck in your life, sit with your Pyrite within your hands and allow the emanating power to surround your from the heart outward. Describe the color of light, the feeling that envelops you, and the images that your mind stirs up to validate the presence of luck in your life.


Deity: Persephone
Element: Earth, Fire
Gender: Masculine
Chakras: Sacral and Solar Plexus
Astrological: Leo