Happy Full Moon everyone! This month we are entering the Full Moon in Virgo! Such a grounding and earthly moon compared to the New Moon in Pisces. The Hermit is associated with Virgo’s as the two draw in energies of accomplishment, focus, and realism. This is a wonderful energy to work with following Mercury Retrograde and the Pisces New Moon!

Our first card this month is the Queen of Wands, who shows us where we can be more organized this Full Moon. This Queen is all about independence and hard work. If you’ve recently found yourself slacking on your own personal goals, this would be the time to ground yourself back into them! Set some New Year’s Resolutions that you took a break from? Revisit them, and see how you can get back on track!

The Hanged Man shows us how we can best restructure our revisited goals. First and foremost, the Hanged Man urges you to let go of the situation past. Okay, so we need some reorganizing, but don’t dwell on past failures. Give yourself a break, and move forward. Focus on re-approaching this from a different perspective. It didn’t work before, and that’s okay! So let’s approach it from a new angle!

Finally, the King of Pentacles shows us how we can use our own skills to help those around us. Now, this King is very mature, but also authoritative. Sometimes our friends need some harsh truths. Do try to be as compassionate as possible of course, but don’t sugar coat it either! If someone asks for help, aid them in a thought out and direct way. Think of how one’s dad might help a situation! These are the energies we are looking at!

Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle
Reading By: Tired Witch