Happy New Moon in Pisces friends! This New Moon brings us the energies of separating idealism and fantasy from our reality. In tarot, Pisces is associated with the Major Arcana card, the Moon; which perfectly embodies this month’s New Moon energy.

The Hanged Man, shows us where we are currently being too idealistic. Make sure the sacrifices you are making for yourself, are actually to better you/your life. Sometimes with the Hanged Man, our sacrifices become less of a situation for the greater good and more of a martyrdom situation. Don’t sacrifice for the appearance of the situation, sacrifice for the betterment of yourself- no one else.

The truths we are seeking to escape are seen with the Queen of Pentacles. The Queen when looked at in the form of a negative tends to be seen as overspending to combat other problems in our life. We all love a little retail therapy, but what we don’t love, is retail therapy that takes us into a financial hole. She is the queen of earthly matters, make sure her nurturing tendencies are for your benefit financially, not the other way around.

Finally, the Five of Wands shows us how to confront these truths as seen in the Queen and the Hanged Man. The Five of Wands suggest that you need to be thinking creatively and “outside-the-box.” It can speak directly to asking for assistance from those in your “team.” Have loved ones who can understand your situation? Seek them out, there’s no need to fight alone!

Happy New Moon everyone! Take this lunar phase to confront your truths.

Reading By: Tired Witch
Tarot Deck: Modern Witch by Lisa Sterle