Happy Full Moon again, everyone!

This is an emotional time for everyone, this full moon. You may have the urge or desire to bunker down and watch emotionally triggering movies/shows. Go for it! The Chariot is linked to Cancers, due to their connection of the moon! Cancers use their highly developed intuition, to drive them to whatever finish line they need. So although yes, this Full Moon in Cancer, may leave you feeling more emotional, remember that it also brings us heightened intuition.

The Three of Wands shows us where our emotions are coming from this Full Moon. This is so congruent with the beginning of the new year. The Three of Wands can show us the beginning of a new chapter of our lives. Regardless of what aspect of your life is new, it’s important to not rush into these things. Remember, the turtle wins the race, however, it is important to really put your all into it. This may be overwhelming, but if you pace yourself accordingly, this is going to go amazing!

Our next card, the Page of Swords reversed, shows us how we can improve our sense of security this Full Moon. Sometimes saying nothing is better than saying something that makes you look like a fool. The Page of Swords can show a fool, who says things without thinking. Although they are intelligent, they come across like a blubbering idiot, and boy oh boy, what anxiety that can bring. If you haven’t thought it through, just keep it to yourself.

How we can improve our intuition this Full Moon, is shown with the High Priestess, and wow how pointed. The High Priestess advises you to keep to yourself. If you have secrets or someone has told you a secret, keep this to yourself. As for advice, the High Priestess also asks you to meditate for a while, pause and reflect. She is all about intuition, and higher knowing. Develop her.

Finally, the Four of Pentacles advises us on where we need to nurture ourselves this Full Moon. This is fitting, for if we are looking at bunkering down. It tells us to stay home, and don’t online shop! Four of Pentacles is advising you to hold on to your money. Save and don’t spend at all. Nurture your heart, by nurturing your wallet this month.

Tarot Deck- Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle