When we consider the New Moon in Capricorn we consider examining our lives and what’s come to pass in the last 6ish months. During this time, you may find yourself having a strong need for being useful to those around you and you look for justification in the outside world. Don’t underestimate or devalue yourself. At the top of today’s spread, we see the Devil card, which is associated with the current moon phase’s astrological sign of Capricorn.  There are a lot of symbolic connections between status-driven (even sometimes materialistic) Capricorn and The Devil, as unfortunate as it may be at times.

Our first card, the Seven of Swords shows us where we need to stand strong this New Moon. The Seven of Swords can sometimes exude a dangerous thirst for knowledge. We all at times want to be free (and in knowledge there is freedom), but at what cost? Make sure you aren’t being greedy, and instead are taking it at the pace the universe provides. Strength shows us how to focus on how we can assist ourselves in standing strong, on our thirst for knowledge. Both of these cards speak directly to the prompt. Strength reminds us to take inner resolve, patience, and checking ourselves, to overcome our challenges. You’ll need to use fortitude and strength of character. Use love instead of force, and this includes self-love and self patience.

The things in your life requiring more sensitivity, aka- being kind to yourself through this patience process is shown with the reversed Queen of Cups. With this, we look at how we treat others through our own processing.  She can be very emotionally manipulative. She is not afraid of scandal or intrigue so beware if you get involved with her. She just may turn your world upside down. If you are this queen, make sure you aren’t taking your own stresses out on those around you. That’s not fair to them, or even helping yourself, in any real capacity. 

Why we are feeling this craving for knowledge, is shown in the Six of Swords reversed. Often times when we get this card, I see it as a toxic relationship, we don’t even realize it is toxic. Because of this lack of insight we, therefore, are unable to leave. The situation is bad. Sometimes we are in the forest unable to see the trees. Take a step back, and examine the situation from a new perspective- even ask for your trusted friends/family to tell you what they think! (That is if you’re prepared and your skin is thick enough for this!)

Where you need a bit of a reality check, for your own self-sabotaging stubbornness is shown with our final card, the Nine of Swords reversed. Don’t ignore problems in your life. If something has happened to you, ignoring it and hoping it will go away, is only prolonging the inevitable. This might lead to a long, tough stressful period of your life, but it is only through hardship that we grow as people. Expect hardship, regrets and troubling inner thoughts in the near future.  But with it, comes strength, renewal and a better version of yourself.

Happy New Moon lovelies!

Tarot Deck- Modern Witch Tarot by Lisa Sterle