Rosemary is a tremendously practical and magical herb!

It’s associated with both the sun and the moon, and it’s good for everything from boosting memory to promoting love and fidelity.

It has long been considered a potent protective herb as well and it provides one of the simplest – and best-smelling – ways to ward your home, defend against the evil eye, and improve a space’s energy.

Rosemary’s health benefits include a flood of antioxidants, digestion aids, and neurological supports, too!

Its uses are endless.


Want to protect your home with something wholesome and organic but don’t have a ton of free time on your hands? Rosemary is about to become your best friend. Although you’ve probably heard about the Irish tradition of keeping a horseshoe over your door, you may not know rosemary makes a fantastic protective charm as well.

Simply gather a few fresh springs and bind them with string. Hang the bundle over doorways and windows, especially doorways leading outdoors, to children’s rooms, or around a newly-married couple’s bedroom.

  • Brown cord, like hemp, emphasizes your charm’s house-blessing element.
  • White string provides a peaceful blessing for young children.
  • To bless a marriage or protect a romantic union, bind your rosemary with blue thread for fidelity or red for love and passion.

Remember, although simple, focused charms are easier to make, you can experiment with multiple bindings to create a nuanced charm suited to every room’s energy. When in doubt, your best choice is probably hemp.

Rosemary plays well with other ingredients, and it makes a great tool in your essential oils kit. Use the oil to bless spaces and items if you don’t want to hang charms. For a lighter fragrance great for rituals and blessings, fill a glass bottle with fresh water, add a sprig of rosemary, and charge under the sun or moon. This technique is especially useful for witches who cannot or prefer not to use fire in their homes.

rosemary magick


If you aren’t a kitchen witch, rosemary will make you reconsider your life choices. It’s as tasty as it is aromatic, and it brings literal magic to your meals. Thanks to its magical and healing properties, it makes a great ingredient in everything from roasts to plain water.

Add a memory blessing to your soup, offer a prayer for your family’s health with rosemary bread, and keep in mind that essentially everyone – pagan or not – will accept your blessing if it tastes good. You can improve water by infusing it with rosemary as well. It’s the simplest recipe in the world. Fill a pitcher with fresh water. Get a sprig of rosemary. Hold it over the pitcher. Drop it in. Leave it there for a while. You’re done.

Rosemary improves herbal teas, potions, and tisanes as well. Its natural oils improve the flavor of everything from hot water to cold alcohol, so if you’re making any kind of drinkable spell, consider whether or not rosemary would improve its magical potency. The answer is probably yes.

Rosemary Healing Magic Properties


Dried rosemary is cheap and easy to procure. Although all herbs are most potent when you’ve grown them yourself or procured them from a green witch/herbalist, rosemary’s power isn’t ruined if you buy it from the grocery store. It is still rosemary.

Rosemary is a popular alternative to sage for cleansing the home. Simply replace sage with rosemary in fire-based rituals, and if you dry full sprigs, you can bind and burn them like a traditional sage bundle stick. Add rosemary to the fire for purification rituals, love spells, and prayers for good luck, too.

Although rosemary makes a tremendous offering year-round, it has historical associations with Yule. Since rosemary is an evergreen, you can grow it all year (Depending on your planting zone, you may need to move it indoors during the winter months). It makes a great altar piece, along with holly, to celebrate the darkest part of the year, promising a vibrant spring with its bright fragrance and green foliage.

Rosemary Smudge Stick