Cinnamon is perhaps one of the most widely used herbs in spellcrafting. You could essentially toss it into any spell and it would still make sense.

It’s difficult to argue that cinnamon isn’t extremely useful when you consider its many magical properties.

Cinnamon can be used for protection, luck, love, healing, prosperity, spiritual awareness, and aiding psychic powers. On top of that, cinnamon can be added to any spell to help it act more quickly or to simply give it a little extra boost. 

Here are three ways that you can incorporate cinnamon into your practice.


Thoughts of cinnamon conjure images of warmth. It’s a spice that speaks of comfort to many people. As it is tied to the element of fire, it makes a wonderful herb to utilize in protection spells for you and your home.

If you’re looking for a way to shield your home from negative energies, tie together cinnamon sticks and hang them above your door. The most common number to use is nine. You can also lay cinnamon sticks across your windowsills if you’re worried about other thresholds. 

Just like with the traditional sage, burning cinnamon incense and spreading the smoke around an area can dispel negativity and help keep the space protected. 

Another way to use cinnamon for protection is to place cinnamon sticks in a pot of water along with other protective herbs like rosemary, clove, amd sage. Boil the herbs for a few minutes to imbue the water with their properties. Once the water has cooled, strain the herbs from it and put it in a spray bottle. Use this spray around doors and windows as a protective barrier. 

Along with protecting your home, you can carry cinnamon with you to help protect you from attacks of a spiritual nature. You can carry whole cinnamon sticks in your purse or add powdered cinnamon to a protection satchel to keep with you. 

Cinnamon For Protection


Just like the fire behind cinnamon’s power, it can be used to produce heat. It is quite effective in spicing things up in your love life, injecting strong passion into any relationship. 

Because of its ties to fire, cinnamon is especially good for enhancing the male libido. 

If you’re looking to heat things up with your significant other, burn some cinnamon incense in the bedroom. Tucking cinnamon sticks beneath your pillows can also give your sex life a healthy boost. 

Use cinnamon essential oil on your person to help increase your natural sexual attraction.  

When crafting a love spell, adding a bit of cinnamon or cinnamon oil to the mix will undoubtedly speed up the process. Combined with the softer elements of love such as jasmine, rose, and vanilla, cinnamon will bring a balance to your love spell between romance and passion.

Cinnamon For Love & Lust


Another thing that cinnamon is commonly associated with is drawing money and opportunities to you. It’s a good idea to incorporate cinnamon in situations where you’re in dire need of financial aid in a timely manner.

Just like with any spell, the addition of cinnamon calls for quick action, speeding up the outcome you are searching for. 

Place a cinnamon stick in your wallet to invite money to find you. Alternatively, you can put a few drops of cinnamon oil on your wallet for the same purpose. 

Burn cinnamon incense in your place of work, or even in your home, with the intent that it will invite financial gains into your life. 

If you are creating a money satchel to carry around with you, combine cinnamon with other prosperity herbs like basil, ginger, and nutmeg. Not only will the cinnamon add to the call for prosperity, but give the spell an extra kick to get the job done.

Cinnamon For Prosperity


There are many herbs, oils, and types of incense that are powerful and important, but few stand up to cinnamon when it comes to pure usefulness. 

With its properties of quick and effective action, as well as giving your intentions a boost, this herb is a must have in every witch’s cupboard. No matter the spell you are doing, you can never go wrong with just a dash of cinnamon.