5 Witchy Articles To Focus Your Intention On Abundance Magic


Abundance is a mindset that is cultivated day after day. The more you focus on your ability to attract your ideal lifestyle, the more you begin to naturally live into that concept. 

But it’s not always easy to stay focused on that mindset, so we’ve put together a roundup of 5 articles to help you focus your intention on abundance and manifesting the life of your dreams this year. 

Attracting AbundanceHow To Fix Your Money Mindset For More Effective Abundance Magic

A fantastic article that digs into mindset blockages that may be affecting your current ability to manifest money and other abundance in your daily life.

Money WitchcraftA Witch’s Guide To Manifesting More Money, STAT

This is a crash course in how to attract more by focusing on the way that your feelings affect your current reality, and includes some really great tips for how you can make feeling good a priority.

Manifesting Abundance WitchcraftTraditional Witchcraft and the Occult: Can Witchcraft Really Help You to Achieve Wealth and Success?

A well structured article that sheds light on money and abundance magic strategically by looking at historical accounts of Witchcraft and how it can be used to attract more abundance.

Money MagicProsperity Magick: A Spell and Correspondences

This spell goes in-depth into how to create a potion that is infused with your intention for prosperity. It’s a wonderful resource for any Witch looking to learn how to work prosperity magic in general.

Abundance MagicA Kitchen Witch’s Guide To Money Magic Spells & Recipes

This one is great for all the kitchen Witches who need a little boost to their concept of abundance this year. These simple, well explained recipes are a great way to learn more about kitchen witchcraft if you’re new to it. 


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